Car Chooser - what car is the best car for you?


Mark says: For this then you are sensibly looking at a Group C vehicle from Iris Rent a Car.  Within Group C we use Seat Ibiza 5D, Opel Corsa 5D and Renualt Clio 5D and you might want to consider a roof rack as well.  Group C vehicles are terrific value and my current prices can be found by clicking on the appropriate tariff on the left.  

If you're not taking back a mountain of luggage it may be possible to hire you two cars; not as mad as it sounds!  Hire a Group C vehicle for the first four days, then switch to a Group B car for the rest of your stay.  You will need to phone me to confirm this; see the contact icon on the left.

Question 2.

Are you bringing more than the normal amount of luggage?

No Yes Yes, a mountain of luggage

Question 1.

How many people will the car need to seat (including babies/children)

1 2 3 4 5 6+